Sea Turtle Festival Day

Join the Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach Turtle Programs today, July 9, at the OIB Community Center located at 44 East First Street.  Hours are 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

Games, prizes, raffles, learn about sea turtles.

First Crawl of 2014 Season

Morning!!   Just waiting (not so patiently) for confirmation that we have our first nest of the 2014 season.  Our Riders, Sandy & Kay, reported 2 crawls this morning.  Our “Location Team” is doing their job of confirming whether False Crawls or Nests.   EXCITING….

Loggerhead Stranding – 5.30.14

Some of you may have heard about the loggerhead stranding off Lumberton public access. If not, here is the latest info.

We received a call from a beach visitor at 4:15PM that a rather large sea turtle was floundering in the surf at Lumberton access on the East end of the island. Deb B. called the complete list of volunteers who had signed up for stranding, including transport and necropsy. Deb dropped me off at the storage shed and I took the gator up to the site “ just in case it was large”. Upon arrival, Linda Stackhouse, Marcia Heady and Neal Wyckoff were already on site. The turtle was still in the surf and the tide was coming in. YES, the turtle was large…300lbs.

Upon examination, it was noted that both front flippers were gone and a very deep gash  in the  head that went from it’s nose to just behind the right eye. Somehow it was still alive. The visitors were just great in wanting to help if they can. Six large strapping guys lifted the turtle and, with the guidance of Linda and neal and Marcia, carefully placed it on the bed of the gator. The wounds appeared to be fresh and , more than likely were caused by a boat strike earlier in the day. With Neal riding shotgun in the back of the gator with the turtle, we took it to the storage shed for transfer to the van. Upon arrival, Neal took the hose and gently sprayed the turtle with fresh water to cool it down . As we were trying to come up with the best way to transfer the big guy to the van, two gentleman seem to appear out of nowhere and offered  to help. Transfer was then accomplished and Marcia, Deb and myself were on our way to Wilmington for pickup by  Sarah Finn for final transfer to Beaufort where the vet was available for examination. We met in the Walmart parking lot in Leland where we once again had to transfer from the van to the State vehicle. Marcia approached a couple guys talking next to their truck and convinced then to come over and help. Don’t know what she said to them ?????? but over they came and the final transfer was complete. A very special thanks go out to Linda and Neal  for cleaning up the gator while we were in transit. In situations like this, every effort or task is equally important and in this case, a special “WELL DONE”  to yesterdays rescue volunteers , visitors, and residents who assisted our efforts. YES, MOST PEOPLE DO CARE ABOUT DEFENCELESS AMIMALS.

The latest update is that Sarah stopped at the sea turtle hospital in Topsail and the turtle was given heavy doses of pain killers to help it relax , but when it arrived at Beaufort and the vet  looked at him, he had no choice but to put it down. Sad ending, but this is what the OIBSTPO is all about.

Deb and I would like to also thank the Town of Ocean Isle Beach for providing an environment and atmosphere that attract the type of caring visitors we worked with yesterday and residents who are always there to help whenever needed. Also, the OIB Maintenance Department who  always help when asked. THANK YOU

Sorry we missed the concert last night as we love to talk with the kids about sea turtles  but the above respond WAS our true priority.

Our best to all,

Deb & Jim

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West Brunswick High School – Science Olympiad 4.5.2014

Presenting OIBSTPO to the public

Presenting OIBSTPO to the public

Join the OIBSTPO “Road Crew” Saturday, April 5, 2014 from 9:30 til Noon at the West Brunswick High School Science Olympiad.   There will be great things to do, see and learn in the lobby.  Come out and support all of these amazing students.

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The easiest way to describe 2013 is in one word… BUSY!!!    We had a total of 36 nests with an average of 82.4% success rate of hatchlings to the water.   All of our volunteers were very excited each day a new nest was discovered and equally excited as each nest produced beautiful hatchlings to escort to their ocean home.  The first nest was laid in June and the last of them hatched out early in October.

Our volunteers were kept very busy this season, not only with their nesting activities but also by helping out each Monday & Tuesday at Turtle Talks held at the Museum of Coastal Carolina and the OIB Community Center from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  The volunteers also manned  an information table & donation table at the Friday night concerts all summer.  

I don’t want to leave out those volunteers who made weekly (each Friday) trips to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center to tend to “cold-stunned” turtles from January thru May.

Our annual Turtle Day, held on July 10, was a fun day for all involved.  The Sunset Beach Turtle Patrol volunteers along with our OIBSTPO volunteers did their very best providing fun and educational games for the children (of all ages!!) that attended.    Please be sure to mark your calendar for next year – the Wednesday after July 4th

  Turtle Day - Education Table

Turtle Day


We also held a raffle for a beautiful turtle statue donated to the OIBSTPO by a family who wish to remain anonymous.  The lucky winner was Mr. Stew Koontz of Little River, SC.  Mr. Koontz volunteers with the North Myrtle Beach Turtle Program.  The drawing was held on Labor Day and the lucky number was picked by Lynn Wiedman, winner of our 2012 raffle.  Mr. & Mrs. Koontz picked up their statue about a week later.   They were very thrilled to have won the turtle as Mr. Koontz is a member of the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Organization.

Turtle Sculpture Drawing 9.2.13

Turtle Sculpture Winner  9.2.13
Our volunteers also participated in the Ocean Isle Beach annual Fourth of July Parade,

Lucy @ July 4th Parade 7.4.13

 the OIPOA Trash Bash in September  

Trash Bash



and the NC Oyster Festival in October.

Oyster Festival



We are also planning to be in the 10th Annual Floatilla on November 30.  The Floatilla begins at Inlet View, Shallotte Point and ends at Sharkys – Ocean Isle Beach.   Bundle up and come out to cheer us on!!!


That is our 2013 wrap up – we want to thank everyone that had the opportunity to see a mother on the beach or a nest emerging and helping to “escort” the hatchlings to their ocean home and also to each and everyone who made a donation to our program.   Our volunteers and “our” turtles are ever so grateful.