Nest #12!

The Perfect Way to Start a Summer Morning on the Beach!

In the quiet, early morning hours this past Wednesday, our volunteer ATV rider came upon a female loggerhead just finishing throwing sand over her newly laid nest and heading back to the open ocean! Typically our riders only get to find the “crawls” but this time the rider was able to stop and not only enjoy the sight but take some wonderful photos of the latest nest laid on our beach. Before the rider continued on his way, he staked off the nesting area for the relocation team to come in and evaluate the safety of the nest location.

A relocation team searched for the chamber with the clutch of eggs and the relocation of the nest began to move the nest further back to the safety of the dunes as several other volunteers assisted and answered questions from beach visitors.

Thanks to volunteers Brian, Nancy, Terry, Deb, Linda, Anne and Benny for a job well done!



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